Moon in Aquarius

Having Aquarius as a moon sign is an indication of intelligence, innovativeness and kindness. They are asking for a unique life style. Aquarius people are more likely to shut themself from others in order to protect their privacy. They tend to care more about their friends than their family. Aquarius people chooses what they love and loves what they choose.

Moon Sign Calculator_Woman Women Aquarius Zodiac Sign


Air/masculine/fixed, Positive

Ruling Planet:

Saturn, Uranus


Dark blue, midnight blue, green

Lucky Stone:


Lucky Number:


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Positive Personality Attributes

Freedom and independence makes them confident and risk takers, they will achieve most are afraid to do.

Creative and bold structure of them will greatly help in their career or personal life as it is the reason for the unique life style that they are going for.

Eccentric personality makes them sought after as friends or lovers that will spice up anyone’s life.

Negative Personality Attributes

They are too idealized to accept less than perfect, this makes them work more than others.

Being too rational for their own good will leave them with less friends and with having lack of taste in art makes it harder for them to pick up a hobby.

Aquarius Men

Aquarius men is the most difficult sign to get along and understand. They act, think and behave more randomly to the other signs. Its puzzles anyone who tries to defy them. They are either warm-blooded and outgoing, or they tend to be cold and hard to get close by.  They seek freedom and enjoy sociality.

Aquarius Women

Aquarius Women are intellectual and rational. They don’t care about others and loves what they do in life. Being controlled is their worst nightmare, they love freedom and being free what makes them happy in life. In partnership they look for someone who can understand and are compatible with their soul. They can be seem as cold and indifferent from an outside but with the right person they would be the most energetic person.

How to win at life as an Aquarius

They make great freelancers due to their unique style and hunger for freedom and independence.

Chasing a career in science can yield pretty good results in their life.

Leading will be hard for them but if managed correctly they will lead anyone to victory in life.

On the last note

Keeping secrets as in being private could be a burden, opening up once in a while won’t hurt anyone. To keep up with the life they should be more trusting in others. It’s a wild wild world out there, company would help.