Moon in Aries

Flexible yet bold, adventurous yet stubborn. Their element is fire, giving them pride in their craft. They tend to go extremes in every aspect of life, emotional and rational. Aries person will tell you the hard cold truth and let you know your place; their honesty could be brutal but they will never hold back anything or talk behind anyone’s back. They could be reckless for time to time and anger management could be an issue.

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Ruling Planet:



Fire red, pomegranate flower

Lucky Stone:

Diamond, ruby, ameist, iron

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Positive Personality Attributes

They are optimistic and unyielding. They will rise from the ashes of anything with their fiery hearts knowing every night has a morning. No matter how heavy it feels they will never let go and stick to their guts, this way they can stay away from deep emotional burdens.

Aries has a flashy charisma that can lift up any spirit, this makes them excellent friends or lovers.

Competitive being a big plus can also be the downfall for them. Being first is a priority for them.

Negative Personality Attributes

Biggest problem for Aries and people around them is impatience and being restless.

They also rely on themself too much that they don’t like teamwork and it is hard to work with them.

Self-centered and over straight-forward makes them good for themself but little bit uneasy to their peers.

Aries Men

 Aries Men are always enthusiastic but they may act and look like they don’t care. They are great adventurers and go getters in their life but most of the time they don’t have enough will power to resist temptations.

Aries Women

Aries women are passionate and energetic people. They hate suppressing their feelings and would like to talk their guts. They don’t give up easily and they always work to be the best.

How to win at life as an Aries

With being Aries comes a duality at life. They being great leaders and their dislike for teamwork makes them to choose one aspect to focus on.

Leading a team as a confident Aries could lead up to greatness for the whole team and can achieve much greater success.

Also, their competitiveness can bring them joy as working alone and the feeling of winning by themself.

Adventurous and fiery personality leads them to chase careers as crime fighting or even medicine.

On the last note

Downfall of Aries is being stubborn and impulsive behaviors. To achieve greatness as an Aries they should try to be patient and follow their own ways. Never bending a knee and being unyielding is the way to the top.