Moon in Cancer

Single word for this sing, emotional. Moon is the dominant planet of Cancer and can express itself true powers. Sensitive and calm manners makes them great social person. They mimic the moon and waves, changing and persistent as waves, shiny as the moon.

Loyality is a priority for them thus making them great friends and lovers.

When hurt they either stay calm or put up a defensive act.

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Water, negative, female

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Silver, gray, magenta

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Positive Personality Attributes

Gentle, nurturing, protective and sympathetic as it gets. They act motherly to their beloved friends and lovers. Refined personality with imaginative mind and a strong loyalty bond makes them strong with emotions.

Negative Personality Attributes

They can be seen as clingy and moody due to their overflow of emotions. Cancer sign is keen on keeping secrets and being evasive to get away from confrontation.

Their way with the words can make them manipulative to others for their own sake of emotions.

Cancer Men

Cancer men are full of warmth and they are more of a follower than a leader in relationships.  They are easy to hang out and understand. They are steady and charming, likes to help others. They are usually introverts; they are passive and sensitive. They could be irritated easily by intentional or unintentional behaviours.

Cancer Women

Cancer women looks demure most of the time.  They are willful and unreasonable most of the time, hard to read but only people who are closer to them can see this. They act with discrete and hide those feelings. They are perfect hostess; they care for their loved ones and they like doing housework. They are actually family centered and they want to make a comfortable place for themself to live.

How to win at life as an Cancer

Choosing the right people to keep in their circle is critical to them. Due to their care and love for anyone around them they should stay away from unreliable people. Using emotions as their work way they should be lean on the feeling way of practical matters, socialising is the break or make point for their career.

On the last note

Managing their emotions is the only and most hard problem they face in life. Mastering the control over their emotions makes a Cancer as powerfull as it gets. Do not bottle those emotions and roam free on this lovely Earth.