Moon in Capricorn

The best patient, cautious and kind people are from capricorn moon. They are persistent at their life that it could lead to becoming stubborn later. Capricorns are incredibly tolerant and hardworking. With this hardworking and clear vision in the life they tend to not trust others but themselves.



Ruling Planet:



Gray, dark brown, navy green

Lucky Stone:

Garnet, red quartz, amber

Lucky Number:


Lucky Day:


Opposite Sign:




Positive Personality Attributes

They are stable as it gets, they are down to earth. They usually have strict no-nonsense policy in their life.

Mature and restrained makes them great at leading their own life without being affected by others.

They are great achievers and will work relentlessly to get the job done


Negative Personality Attributes

Being too realistic could often lead to mistakes of not taking the risky opportunity.

They are too focused on personal goals and lack the teamworking spirit, tends to focus themself in relationships and could end them in a spark.

Being social can lead to making enemies if not done carefully


Capricorn Men

They like to take matters slowly and cautiously. They don’t rush anything and lets its move with times flow. Calm and attentive behavior makes them good at reading people. They usually know what they want and how to get it, it makes dating easier for them. They are great at career building, they get promotions easily and won’t settle for less than their worth.


Capricorn Women

Capricorn women likes to be pleased and serviced. They seek higher positions in life, stable jobs and secure life styles. They are realistic yet imaginative and creative. They choose to live life to the full.


How to win at life as Capricorn


Their ambition is great for them but unwilling to work with others narrows the working field for them. Trying to go for a solo victory is creating your own company or a career in justice system could bring them much joy they needed in that workfull life


On the last note


Taking a break from life is necessary sometimes. Being alone in a camping trip or just taking a walk at night will clearly improve their mood. Become your own best friend to do greater good.