Moon in Gemini

Gemini signs quality is mutable and their element is air. This makes them always changing and expanding. They can feel like two souls stuck in one body. Their strong side is being street smart and thinking outside the box. This way they can quickly their way out of any hard stuck place.

Focusing in a single situation could be boring for them and they keen on multitasking.

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The air, male, can be positive

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yellow, gray, blue, light blue, black

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Positive Personality Attributes

They are social butterflies; they can sync with anyone from any culture. A geminis mind can work magic its way into solving puzzles and fixing relationships.

They have a light and a dark sides so they can approach a situation from both ways and empathize with the other person.

Gemini person is curious at heart and will rest by working.

Negative Personality Attributes

Impatience is their downfall in life, could lead them to miss great opportunity.

They find relaxing is hard and become distracted even while relaxing.

Thinking about a lot of situations tends to make them only see the surface and keeps them away from thinking something deeply.

People around them might see them as superficial and manipulative.

Gemini Men

Gemini men is hard to read, easy to get by. They are pleased easily but can get bored faster. Holding their attention is their biggest challenge and their life could be ruined by their careless acts. They take their steps fast and with a bit adventurous attitude. They seek attention and respect among their peers.

Gemini Women

They are known for their dedication, even if they don’t want to do it anymore. When they set their mind to something they will get to that point either way. Gemini women is hard to please because of them choosing their own ways over others. 

How to win at life as an Gemini

Multitasking is the key word for success for them. Socialty is the main concern and freedom is their prize. Brainstorming and solving problems is the way to live life at best for them. Feeding a geminis curiosity is the way to please them.

On the last note

Gemini person should not try to over focus at a single focal point and they should divert their attention to be multitasking and getting work done at any time.

Keep facing the life head on and search for the puzzles.