Moon in Leo

Respectable and proud. Leo persons take pride in their every step and every decision. They are passionate and generous. Confidence is their strong side. This confidence might turn into arrogance if kept unchecked.

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Fever, male, positive, steady

Ruling Planet:



Dark yellow, gold, orange, amber

Lucky Stone:

Yellow sapphire

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Positive Personality Attributes

Moon in Leo signifies pride and generosity. They are expressive with their feelings and creative with their ideas.

They are inspiring to be around and joyfull to be in presence of.

Leo person is fierce in their relationships and they are passionate about romance.

Negative Personality Attributes

They may care too much and get hurt in return. Their confidence could push people away by making them look like arrogant.

Making enemies is lot easier for them because Leo being self-righteous.

Tolerating others opinions is a bit weak for them.

Leo Men

Leo man are proud creatures, they seek intelligence and beauty from their lovers. They go for high paying jobs and expects the same from their peers. They try to hang out with people above their level to increase their own. They act with confidence and loves to show of. Sometimes they act a little bit crazy but the good kind of crazy. Hanging out with them might be tiring to some but definetly rewarding.

Leo Women

They take so much pride in their looks and they show it. Best make up, clothes or accessories must be worn by them. They are picky in their relationships; this leads most of them to be alone due to their high criteria. Leo women doesn’t like to be bothered, if they don’t like someone they will not waste any time with them. If a leo women likes someone, they should feel lucky because it’s a very rare occurrence.

How to win at life as an Leo

Pride makes them take the stage, they don’t  like working at the back.

As being creative they are intelligent makes them great actors or politicians and diplomats.

Leaning on the pride and passion side of their characteristic will give them the best results in life.

On the last note

Maybe talking less and listening more will help them in many ways, also if they can turn all that pride around to be more solemn the amount of respect they get will increase greatly.