Moon in Libra

Moon Libra is a cardinal sign and their element is air. They are elegant yet chill in their personal life. Their personality is often clear from outside, this makes them great friends. They have silver tongue that can ease any situation and creates a nimble diplomacy.

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Air/masculine/pioneering, Positive

Ruling Planet:



Pastel colors

Lucky Stone:

Opal, pink quartz

Lucky Number:


Lucky Day:


Opposite Sign:




Positive Personality Attributes

They are trustworthy, makes it easier for them to make friends.
They are idealist and excel at communicating. They care a lot about their looks from outside, makes them gracious in public.
They have great taste in art and harmony, they love a good craft.

Negative Personality Attributes

They could be hesitant to make a new move or change.
They are not much of a determined person and tend to affected by others’ opinions.
Their calm nature will fail under pressure.

Libra Men

Libra men is equilibrium. They are balanced in life. They are content and all right with what they have and would not push boundaries to get more. They are easy to get along and have good, deep conversation. They are great at comforting others and would love to help anyone they can. Most of libra men doesn’t like having a beard and their hair always sturdy.

Libra Women

They love to be working to help people but most of the time they wont function well under pressure, therefore they wont be able to work at risky jobs or situations. Libra Women has a caring character and great secret keepers. Libra women can diffuse chaotic and aggressive situations easily, their word makes a great impact.

On the last note

Downfall of Aries is being stubborn and impulsive behaviors. To achieve greatness as an Aries they should try to be patient and follow their own ways. Never bending a knee and being unyielding is the way to the top.