Moon in Pisces

Emotional, caring and selfless is the main attributes of having pisces as a moon sign. They tend to help others event at the cost of themself. Pisces person is considerate and polite at relationships. Their quailty is mutable and their element is water, as healing water they are helpfull to anyone around them, even their enemies.


Water, female, negative, variable

Ruling Planet:

Jupiter, Neptune


Sea Green, blue, green

Lucky Stone:


Lucky Number:


Lucky Day:


Opposite Sign:





Positive Personality Attributes

Creativity and sensitivity makes them people pleaser. Stron empathy feelings help them understand and help others better. Having motherly care for their loved ones makes them sought after as everyones life.

Kind-hearted individuals are great at making people smile even in their darkest moments


Negative Personality Attributes

They are too emotional for their own well-being. While they help others to cheer they ofter forget themself and keen on falling into depression.

Determination is a lack for them with lack of courage to go face to face with reality.

Their toughts often get affected by others because how much they vaule others.


Pisces Men

Pisces men have strong sense of sacrifice, while they are also sensitive and vulnerable at heart, and like to make dreams.

They are gentle and passionate. They don’t care about themself in a dangerous situation and would work ahead to secure others.


Pisces Women

Pisces women are wise, easy to get along with and have gentle temperament and endless imagination. They have childlike innocence and pure heart, they love helping others and healing others is healing themself. They can be fragile and sensitive about matters that affects them deeply.



How to win at life as Pisces

With their strong people skill and understanding they would make great doctors or by knowing someone they can teach them better than anyone. Socialty is a must for them so while living their life they should never cut contact with outside world and go into hiding. Great powers comes with great responsibilties.


On the last note


If they act to themself as how they act to others they will achieve greater in their life while protecting themself. If you are depressed you cant help depressed people, care for yourself first.