Moon in Sagittarius

The main attribute of this sign is being flexible and free. It’s element being fire makes them passionate and creative. Their characteristics is being spontane yet passionate about their lives. Sagittarius people are known for their free spirit and comfort but they might seen as too unchained.



Ruling Planet:

Jupiter and Neptune


Turquoise, Purple

Lucky Stone:

Turquoise, Blue topaz

Lucky Number:


Lucky Day:


Opposite Sign:




Positive Personality Attributes

Sagittarius’ are keen on trusting their instincts and almost always chooses their own paths.

They love exploring and learning, searching for truth is a reflex for them.

Being optimistic and energetic makes them well at comforting, cheering and encouraging everyone around them. Their happiness is contagious.


Social butterflies, engaging and charismatic. They thrive on social contacts and their warmth makes them liked by everyone around them.

Negative Personality Attributes

The same positive characteristics are also the reason for the negativities they encounter

Being so free makes them careless, outspoken and also easy to offend others.


Their adventurous nature bites them back by being impatient, acting on impulsive behaviour and unable to make plans.

Too much imaginative power from creativity leads to being big dreamers and their dreams often being unrealistic, lets them down in the end.

Sagittarius Men

Having a strong independent spirit, Sagittarius men have their own ways of living and are unwilling to be restrained. They are enthusiastic, optimistic, and very sincere, but sometimes emotional. Their extreme selfishness would hurt their relationships and could end their long-term ideals.

Sagittarius Women

Sagittarius women love being independent. They hate being chained and anyone that tries to control them will face great backlash.

How to win at life as a Sagittarius

In order to achieve best in life sagittarius has to focus on three simple principles

Sociality                           Creativeness                     Adventure

Sagittarius loves and performances best while being social. Being around people they love greatly improves their mood and gives them inspirations. While choosing a professionality sociality should be a priority.

Creating and exploring should be the core of their life. They must show their passionate and innovative side to thrive. Working for the mindless office tasks aren’t suited for them

Being bored so easily and a hunt for adventure makes them hate the chains of small cubicles of offices. Traveling to new places and experiencing new tastes is fulfilling for them. Meeting with diffrent cultures and heritages fuels the fire inside them.

On the last note

Whatever they do they will do it with passion and all of their hearts. They should never stop exploring and always should be pushing the boundaries of normality. Adventure should not be the objective it should be the vehicle of living the life to the fullest.