Moon in Scorpio

Having scorpio on moon sign makes people to read between the lines, master the art of subtext. They can’t be tricked or fooled because of this feature.

They can look cool on the surface but their inner matters will be a mystery for all, even themself.

Their calmly matters could be a trick to see what their peers think about them. They like to play with other people’s attentions and expectations.


Water, negative, female, fixed

Ruling Planet:

Mars, Pluto


Vivid red, black

Lucky Stone:

Opal, Garnet

Lucky Number:


Lucky Day:


Opposite Sign:



Steel, iron

Positive Personality Attributes

They are ambitious at life, will achieve greatness in their lifetime.

Scorpios are extremely sensual creatures that will value emotions before rations and effects rather than actions.

They don’t play, they are intense and down to earth. They are realistic yet have great imagination

Negative Personality Attributes

Their secret life could be a flag for some.

Scorpio’s will sting, they are vengefull and wont forget the past.

Resentment issues and being moody could be make it hard for people to be around them

Scorpio Men

Having keen insight and judgment, Scorpio men can observe things objectively. With a strong spirit of fair competition, they despise the dishonest people. They are good at making plans and facilitating perfect results. They make long term plans and think steps ahead of them. They can be control freaks but most of the time they turn out to better for having plans. You can not catch them red handed

Scorpio Women

Scorpio women are so mysterious, stimulating the impulse of surrounding people to explore deeper. Scorpio women are very stubborn. Even if feel disheartened, they would never give up easily. They are dedicated and passionate in their life. Small challenges wont sway them away.


How to win at life as Scorpio

Reading subtext is helping their attention to detail, this with their advanced insights will yield them real information about psychological situation about anyone.

Their need for exploring the unknow plus all those attributes combined makes them perfect detective.

On the last note

Botteling their emotions could be their downfall. Being secretive also can damage their well-being. Best way to cope this situations is to get a trusted best friend.