Moon in Virgo

Diligent, elegant, modest and great logical people. Virgo being in the moon tends to make people more cautious about their surroundings. They can be contro freaks about anything in their life and will try to maximize efficiency at daily routine.



Ruling Planet:



Light yellow, light blue, turquoise

Lucky Stone:

Blue sapphire, blue najaf, blue crystal, zebercet

Lucky Number:


Lucky Day:


Opposite Sign:






Positive Personality Attributes

Analytical being the keyword in their day to day life makes them more interested in the small details.

They are practical and keen on physicality in their lives.

As personality wise they are wholesome and likes to serve other people around them


Negative Personality Attributes

If they have poor organizational skills they might feel like they are failing but with a little encouragement they will get everything back on track.

They tend to obsess with perfectionism.

They could be seen as cold and nitpicky.


Virgo Men

Virgo man always look clean and neat, and their clothes are neater than women, which makes women feel inferior in front of Virgo man. Virgo man are professional in their own field. Nobody can compete with male Virgo in this field because they want to be excellent and can’t stand the feeling of losing control. They are so demanding that they are hard to be pleased. Once they have children, they can be extremely competent fathers. They will spend a lot of time teaching their children skills and how to be a noble person.


Virgo Women

Virgo women are very polite and modest towards the people they like. If you spend some time with female Virgo, they will really regard you as the most sincere friend. They don’t like contact with others actively. Sometimes they are indifferent; it’s just because she is not familiar with you. Virgo women like reading all kinds of books, so you can feel that they are not a superficial woman. They attach great importance to a relationship and are easily to be contented, which on the opposite side they are more vulnerable to be injured. Sometimes they are stubborn and do not know to give up.


How to win at life as Virgo


Playing to their strongside of being organized they could get work done hastily, even have their leisure time planned weeks before.

Having a plan for every situations makes them calm and helps them at dire times.

Inspector or supervisor role fits perfect for them that they can fix smallest problems easily.


On the last note

They should not panic at situations that they dont have plans for, just keep calm and breathe. Making plans is second nature to them so they can get themself out of any situation.

Dominate life by planning the perfect future.